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Week of 3/14/10…. March 19, 2010

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Ahhh….SPRING!  The weather has been GORGEOUS here!  Here is a picture of the kids on St. Patty’s Day…they all just looked so cute!  I told Jackson that he had to wear his green shirt (the boy’s shirts say “Sham Rocker” on them) and he said he had to wear ALL green.  He was convinced if he didnt wear green head to toe he would get pinched!

Jackson had his spring parent/teacher conference.  He has straight A’s for the 3rd quarter.  He’s a great student…but he talks too much.  Surprise, surprise.  He had a pretty low-key week otherwise.  He got 100% on his spelling test again this week!  (Always one of the first questions we ask on Fridays, he is always down when he even misses 1 on his test.)  All in all, a pretty good week!

Quinten, had a pretty quiet week until today (Friday), he had to have a lot of dental work done.  Because of his age and the amount needed, they prefer to knock them out and then do it all at once.  He was all smiles when they were wheeling him out, when he came back he was so sad and yucky looking, so Calia and I climbed into bed with him while he woke up a little bit more. 


When we left I told him he could have whatever he wanted to eat and he chose pancakes, so we went to get some and he barely ate anything. This is big because pancakes and eggs are some of his FAVORITE foods.  Rest assured, he is feeling MUCH better!  Pictures soon of his beautiful new smile!

Calia is trying really hard to be mobile.  She spins in circles and cries a lot, but right now, is just not getting anywhere.  She continues to be admired again and again when we go out, not that we can blame them!  She was VERY confused today when Q wasnt feeling good, she just kept waiting for him to be himself again (she’s not used to somber/quiet Q!)

All in all, its been a really great week!  Now we are ready for a quiet Friday night!

My dad is coming home from Gautemala on Sunday…can’t wait!  The kids miss being able to call him whenever they want!


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