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How to remove crayon from carpet March 26, 2010

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So your little sweetheart colored on the carpet (be it by accident or not…)?  Here is how to remove crayon from carpet…

* freak out and text or call your mom and every mom friend you know who has “that kid”

* take the crayons away from your little sweetie

* google “remove crayon from carpet” on your phone

* read the email from your mom (that she googled) that tells you to put WD-40 on your carpet and scrub like mad

* decide that WD-40 doesnt seem like good idea

* google again and decide to follow the one that doesnt want you to put anything else into the carpet

* get out some paper (white copier paper is perfect)

* use your iron and iron over the crayon spot until it stops soaking through the paper

* use dish soap and hot water and scrub like mad

*sit back and admire the fact that you got the crayon out of the carpet!


One Response to “How to remove crayon from carpet”

  1. Liz Says:

    I’m so sad you didn’t call me! (I have a bright blue crayon stain in my car that’s about five years old.)

    Oh. Maybe that’s why you didn’t call. 😉

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