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Week of 3/21/10 March 28, 2010

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Spring break started on Friday.  Booooo, I mean , yay! <snicker>  My dad got back from Guatemala late on Sunday night, late, but safe and sound!

Jackson had a pretty low-key week. He got a 95% on his spelling test, he spelled ‘soap’ with a ‘q’ instead of a ‘p’ (really it was a case of not writing it correctly).  He was upset with himself but got over it quickly.  Friday we met up with his friend so they could swap books for awhile. Books and Dunkin Donuts is J’s idea of a great day.

Quinten got to play with some of his friends on Wednesday. He LOVES to see the Harris & Zurcher girls, as a collective they are fondly referred to as “the girls”.  Jackson rarely gets to see them because he’s always in school, but we have a date scheduled for spring break.  Friday was sort of interesting as around 1:45 or so, he comes running into the living room and says “my tooth fell out”.  But it didnt fall out, one of his caps BROKE. So we rushed off to the dentist (well a different dentist, ours was closed), and he’s “fine” but he has to go get it fixed sometime this week.  Yay, I can’t wait.

Calia REALLY put together the crawling thing this week and still crawls funny, but she is getting around MUCH faster!  She has also been really vocal this week, very grunty and groany.  She also says “da” a LOT. 

This coming week promises to be full of life with Jackson home all week.  We hope to have lunch with Daddy, spend some time with momo, go to the park with friends, and in general have fun!


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