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Weekly Update 3/28/10-4/3/10 April 4, 2010

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Spring break was definitely an interesting week.  We didnt get to do as much as I had hoped.  I was pretty out of it on Sunday and my sis even came over to hang out with the kids while I rested.  Not that it worked, I have such a hard time “shutting down” in the middle of the day, even when I’m sick.

The kids also seemed to be trading off not feeling well all week and we all had a bit of cabin fever by Friday.  We made a date with Momo (my mom) and Gigi (my grandmother) on Friday for the park and we had a great time (see pic of above). 

Not a ton to report on the boys this week.  Jackson read I think 4 or 5 books (from the Magic Treehouse series, loaned to him by his friend Braden).  Quinten got his tooth fixed and it looks really great.  And shockingly, he still loves the dentist.  (As a bonus we also saw one of Jackson’s friends from school at the dentist so that was nice!)

Calia is working on her crawling (she’s getting faster!) and she also really learned how to clap this week, and it is just too cute.  You gotta see it…

Click here to see her clapping

Easter is going to get its own post, which I will work on here soon!


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