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9 months! April 5, 2010

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Calia is 9 months old!  (As of yesterday!)  Before she was born, people would talk about how she was girl and so she needed to do ballet and all things girly, and I always said that I didnt want to put her in a “girl” box.  That if she wanted to play legos and soccer instead of ballet and barbies, then it was fine.  I might dress her girlier than I thought I would, but I still love her in blue and some of her favorite toys are cars.  But she is the princess, and I’m okay with that. Because she enjoys bossing all of us (mainly the boys) around.  (And dont let any of this fool you, they LOVE for their sister to boss them around too!)

We are getting dressed and heading off to her 9 month well-baby check.  I’m sure she is healthy as a (small) horse.

Any guesses on size?

Edited to add: she was 28″ (60 %ile) and 15 lbs 12 oz (5 %ile).  Yep…healthy as a small horse!


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