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Week of 4/4/10-4/10/10 April 15, 2010

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So I already covered most of Easter day, but that evening we had a couple extra kids (whats a couple more at this point?) for a few hours.  We had Adeline (2 years) and Liam (almost 10 months) over for about 2.5 hours while their mommy & daddy’s work schedules over lapped.  It was just a couple hours…so I figured we could handle it. Dinner and a walk around the block would probably cover most if not all of the time.  So…it actually went REALLY smoothly.  Now why is this crazy surprising?  Well, Adeline and Quinten…while friends…have a love/hate relationship.  They love eachother but if you arent yelling at one to leave the other one alone…its the other way around.  I think really the “problem” is that they are just too much alike.    But none the less…they are some of our favorite people to hang out with (their mom and I are both babywearing, cloth-diapering, breastfeeding nut jobs…).  The kids all had a great time…and it really went MUCH better than I imagined.  On the walk the babies were worn in carriers (ummmm…BabyHawks of course), Quinn and Adeline rode in the wagon (well Q got out at some point), and Jackson walked.  We looked slightly crazy to passerbys, especially those who didnt know us, with a  6 y/o, 4 y/o, 2 y/o, and what looked like twins (Liam and Calia are basically the same size and about 3 weeks apart in age)…I joked that we looked like we needed to get cable tv or something.  It was really nice to see Jackson with Adeline, most of the time I am hanging out with them Jackson is at school and so to see him with a toddler girl was nice because thats how I imagine him being with Calia in a year or so.  Jill, they are welcome here ANY time!

Jackson had a great week at school (all smiley faces and stickers…this means that he had a good attitude and listened all week!).  He got a 95% on his spelling test (he switched around the u and the r in turn in the sentance), he is getting better at accepting when he doesnt do everything perfectly.  He also had a program at school on Thursday.  The 1st and 3rd graders had a couple songs for each grade and a couple together.  The theme was cute, it was about using your imagination and centered around all the things that you could do with a box (space ship, pirate ship, teachers desk…etc).  I was thrilled that the grandparents were able to come as well.  Some how, my mom (aka Momo) managed to avoid being pictured! 

doesnt Calia look big here?



Can you find Jackson?


And see the cute girl to his left (your right) in the pink…thats the girl we LOVE to tease him about…they always seem to find themselves next to eachother!  We found it pretty ironic that they were next to eachother at the program!

Quinten, some days we just look at him and say “that boy” and shake our heads.  He is certainly a challenge!  I’ve been trying to talk him into letting me trim his hair for the last week or two.  He’s not convinced.  Q got to have lunch and play with his friend Lucas (sorry no pics…I forgot the camera!).  Its always nice when my kids get along with my friends’ kids…it makes hanging out MUCH nicer.

Calia got a second tooth this week!  Thanks to her teething necklace I didnt even realize that the second one popped through till I saw it. She is getting faster and faster with her crawling (though she does crawl a little funny…she crawls like she’s trying to avoid a dress (on her hands and feet))…even when she’s not wearing one!  Here is a picture of Calia and I playing outside with the boys. 

Papa (my dad) came over on Saturday morning and stayed with all the kids while we went out to breakfast and then after we got back he took the boys out for lunch and the park.  The boys had SO much fun and they slept SO well!  All in all, another great week!


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  1. jaxmomo Says:

    Momo is pretty good at avoiding the camera!!

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