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Weekly Update, 4/11/10 – 4/17/10 April 23, 2010

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Yah, yah, I’m a little late on this one. 

Jackson – My little man, he really is a sweet kid.  Dramatic at times, but sweet.  He is so much like Daddy that when he does something out of character (they are both creatures of habit) it really shocks me.  Such as this:

That would be his artwork on display at the library!  There were only 6 1st graders picked!  We are so very proud of him.  Also, he got a 100% on his spelling test again!  I also signed him up for summer school this week, he was literally BEGGING to go.  Our district has this awesome (FREE) program where he can go to summer school for 5 weeks in the summer, its Mon-Fri from 8:30-3.  They spend the morning doing educational enrichment and the afternoon doing “fun” stuff like p.e. and music, oh…and they provide breakfast, lunch, and transportation there.  Did I mention its FREE?  He was literally BEGGING to go.  Its worth a shot, if he hates it he doesnt have to go, but knowing him…he will LOVE it.

Quinten – He escaped yet another week without a hair cut.  I keep meaning to cut his hair, just this week at least 4 people called him a girl.  (Which yes, I understand the hair does lend itself to that, but, I think he looks like a boy…he dresses like a boy…anyway.)  One day…one day I will get around to cutting his hair!  He is getting to be more helpful with Calia, he is just sometimes a little too in her face.  Speaking of self portraits…I found this picture on my camera:

Calia- She had a good week!  She’s kind of a funny little thing, she’s all about bothering her brothers and says “da” and “da-ee” all the time.  Still no “mama”, which does make me a little sad, but its okay, she LOVES her daddy…but I know she loves me too.  Some other things that she says all the time are “hi” and “ya-ya” (which can be interpreted as “yay” or Jack will answer her if she says it around him)


Love these pictures of her…she looked like such a big girl!

On Wednesday we all had lunch with Jackson, which is always fun.  I love seeing all the girls that talk to him.  There are a few that are very sweet to him…and then to see his little brother and sister…after that I’m pretty sure they are totally smitten.  But how can you resist something this sweet:

We also spent some time with Aunt Angie (aka Aunt Bob) and we were sad to see her go back home to Florida.  We miss you!  Come back and visit soon! 



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