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Good intentions… June 24, 2010

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So of course I had good intentions of updating weekly. And then one week went by and I thought oh its just one week, I’ll do 2 weeks together.

Obviously, that didnt work! I havent posted in 6 weeks!

So what has happened? (I promise to be brief and not bore you)

Jackson finished 1st grade and turned 7 (that does get its own post!). Jackson of course did fabulous at school! He is a reading machine! He also started summer school and has charmed his teacher to no end. At his 7-year well check, he was 46.5″ and 48.5 lbs and healthy as a horse (per usual).

Quinten is all set up for his early admittance to kindergarten test and that boy keeps us laughing. Due to a job change and needing his shots for kindergarten we’ve already had his 5-year well check and he was 39.5″ and 36.5 lbs. He’s a munchkin anyway so 2 months wouldnt have changed much on his curve. Good news at his check up, we were given the go ahead to take him off his daily nebulizer treatments to see how that goes and he has done FABULOUSLY! Its actually been 3 years since his last true attack so we (his pediatrician included) felt he was ready to be off of his treatments.

Calia – of course with her being a little baby, she’s going to make the biggest changes! She now says “mama” and crawls like a little speed demon. She is mainly interested in whatever her brothers have and gets a kick out what we call “baby fu”, which basically involves her play kicking her brothers as she flies through the air. This ALWAYS makes her laugh. She has also been a few places since the last post. Minnesota for the quilt market (which was annoying because we didnt actually get in because of a stupid “no kid” rule) and then we flew into Salt Lake City to drive up to Rigby, ID for the International Babywearing Conference. She is also working on cruising around everything and wants to walk…my favorite thing to say is “No walking for babies!”. I’m not quite ready for her to be a walking baby.

Larry started a new job and is really liking the new company. He LOVED working at his old job. But they were purchased by another company and we could have relocated but felt it was best for the family to stay here with our family and friends around to help support us. He is really enjoying the new company and as always, I am sure he will succeed. Every time he has been put in a new job, he has always grown so much. He works amazingly and tirelessly hard to provide for the family.

Have I bored you yet?

The biggest event of the last couple weeks was the Toy Story 3 movie coming out. As much as we have watched Toy Story and as into Buzz Lightyear as Q is, its not totally shocking. But we made an event out of it. The kids got new outfits, we went out with our friends (Zoe & Sophie-who also had new outfits, Rylee & Anthony…and oh yah…all of their parents too), we made a DAY of it.

That is probably enough for now! Until next time….


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