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Who doesnt love a baby at 2 am… July 29, 2010

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Now, if you are one of those people who is going to leave a comment and say “my baby slept through the night since 6 days old” I might have to punch you the next time I see you.  Its not that I’m not entirely thrilled for you.  Its just that I dont care…right now at least.  Why you ask, because it is 3:33 am and I have been awak for the last 1 hour and 32 minutes with a very sad and grumpy baby.  She has FOUR teeth coming in and as a result, she is taking naps at funny times, which apparently results in her being wide awak at 2 am.

Nothing is less helpful than a mom who is griping about this or that than another mom who has to one up them.  Oh…your baby has 4 teeth coming in?  My baby got 10 baby teeth at the same exact time.  When a mom is griping, what we need to hear is “Oh I’m so sorry” or “I wish I could help”.  I depend on my “mommy network” a lot for advice and empathy.  Thats why I post on Facebook or Twitter about how I need to find a kindergarten solution for my son or how I am so tired because this or that kid was up sick.  But I guess that sometimes the problem is that the line is blurry, because I do want to hear that you surived whatever similar horror or problem I’m having.  That your child is still okay and that you havent gone to the looney bin or jail.  Now I’m not sure how to differentiate.  A lot of the time, my perception of a response or how I should respond would depend on the person.  I can be hard to read for some people (I guess) and if you dont get my brand of humor, what sounded funny in my head actually seems to be really rude or snotty. 

So what do you do at 2 am when your baby is up and you are the only option for taking care of him/her?  For me its just keeping them as quiet as possible so not to wake other kids (didnt work tonight).  So instead I decided I would take a picture, hence the picture above, which was taken just a little bit ago.  Then I decided that even though I was WAAAAAY behind, I would attempt to blog because this is what was on my mind.  I dont think that a blog (like mine) should be a forced thing and that you should have to work at what to say.  So excuse the blabbering…and thanks for listening to my gripe (and yes I’m thrilled for you that your baby has slept through the night since they were 6 days old…I just dont care to hear about it right now).



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