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The soccer mom tan… August 13, 2010

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As a rule, I dont tan.  I just dont seem to tan well, I never did.  Sometimes I get burnt to a toasty red crisp that over time does make me look something slightly different than my normal pasty complexion.  I dont fake n bake either because it seems like an even worse plan than laying out (my gym even has really low cost tanning…its not the price…its about lowering my risk of skin cancer).  I’ve considered a spray tan, but I’m not so sure I could get away for long enough to get it done. 

But soccer season poses a new issue, with 4 practices and 2-4 games a week, I find myself constantly soaking up some sun.  And as I was getting dressed this morning, I looked at my arms and I realized that I’ve had this tan before…its a band camp tan.  Ya know, ths one time at band camp…okay really its every day.  The only difference is I have flip flop lines instead of sock lines from wearing tennis shoes.  But on my upper arms I have a few shades of skin depending on what style of shirt I was wearing. 

In high school/band I probably remedied this by wearing the least amount of clothes I was comfortable in/could leave the house in.  You rolled up your shirt to attempt to tan your stomach, but now I have 3 kids to chanse and lets face it, I’m not rolling my shirt up..and I’m okay with my stomach being practically transparent.  So now I need to either buy a bunch of tank tops all the same  to prevent the odd lines or just attempt to keep my sleeves rolled up on the tshirts. 

So if you see me and have a funny tan…a farmer’s tan…its not because I’ve been working hard mowing my lawn (go ahead and laugh, hon) but because I’m on the soccer fields. 

And yes, I still laugh that I am a soccer mom…its okay, you can too.


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