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So you want to fold up your BabyHawk? August 26, 2010

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I’ve obviously had a biiiiiit of experience doing this.  The way they come folded from the warehouse is nice, but if you put it on the floor of your car, you will still end up with straps EVERYWHERE.  This is the way I fold mine, which keeps everything together (and when you shut your car door you wont have a strap hanging out the door to get wrapped around the wheel…we’ve had customers do this, our sewing…did not rip!) and it really only takes a minute once you do it a couple times. 



Every makeover needs a before picture, so this is a BabyHawk “before”…poor thing…left on the floor….

Fold it in half (dont worry about the straps yet)

Fold the top straps down on to the carrier.

Then continue to accordian fold them so that they lay on the body of the carrier.

Then fold the top of the carrier with the headrest down. 

Then again (you have folded it into thirds)




Now take the waist strap and wrap it AROUND the little package that you made and tuck the end into the straps so that it all stays together nicely. 

If you’ve saved the bag that your BabHawk came in, it also fits nicely BACK into the bag!  Happy keeping your BabyHawk nice and neat and clean!


3 Responses to “So you want to fold up your BabyHawk?”

  1. Erika Says:

    i just fold mine in half twice, wrap the straps around it and stuff it back into the bag!!! i am able to get it to zip this way too!

  2. Jill Says:

    That is awesome…thanks!!

  3. rhett Says:

    okay… got an easy way to do the oh snap”. i find it’s form makes it more difficult. i have both versions and love them equally. very cool – for my 4 month old AND my 3 year old.

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