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What not to do while babywearing… September 6, 2010

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It is VERY important that when you are babywearing you should always make sure your baby is in the proper position.  Making sure that your baby’s airway is not blocked and that their bottoms are properly support so that you are not hindering their hip and spinal development, but you should never never never never….


ride a motorcycle while babywearing*!


*No babies were harmed during the photographing of this silly picture, the bike was not even on.  Please do not try this at home!


One Response to “What not to do while babywearing…”

  1. When my husband went to singapore, he saw a family of five sitting on a moped. For real. The dad in front with a toddler in his lap. Toddler behind him. Mom behind that toddler with a baby on her back. Considered totally normal over there.

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