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Why I Love Temper Tantrums September 30, 2010

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So Little Miss I’ll-be-15-months-old-next-week has developed the awesome ability to throw temper tantrums.  At this age, I cant help but giggle and take pictures.  Because I know in 15 seconds she will likely be off chasing her brother and she just really can’t tell me what she wants. 

And yes, I do absolutely LOVE this picture of her.  This is the picture that everyone will giggle at when it conviently shows up in her wedding slideshow.  I can’t look at this picture without thinking that I can only imagine that I looked eerily similar to this picture about 28 years ago.  My mom loves to tell the story of how I used to throw temper tantrums with purpose, which included relocating myself to the kitchen where I could kick and bang my head against the floor. 

When do the temper tantrums stop being cute?

At this age! (He’s 5 for the record)

And absolutely at this age (7). 

Its been suggested to me before that when the above (way to old to be throwing temper tantrum) absolutely adorable children are throwing temper tantrums that I go ahead and throw one myself. 

So I did.  And they stopped what they are doing and laughed and whatever they were crying about was a thing of the past.  But can I just say, OH MY GOSH, I had the best time throwing my temper tantrum.  So even though I dont normally agree with the “do whatever negative thing to the kid that they did” (i.e. biting a child who just bit someone else), this one was a ton of fun and it actaully did work. 

But nothing beats the tiny toddler temper tantrum…except maybe a sweet smile and kisses when its all over. 


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