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Fried Chicken and other things to be thankful for… November 24, 2010

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Instead of me rambling on something silly today, I thought I would just ask the boys what they were thankful for.  (Lets face it, Calia is far too young to ask).  And we all know what I’m thankful for (if you dont know, see picture). 

Jackson’s (7 years old) response:

I’m thankful for my family and for not living like the pilgrims because they had nothing and I have a lot.

Quinten’s (5 years old) response:

I’m thankful for my mom and my dad and my brother and my sister and my dog and not being sick.

(I feel like I should explain the title, earlier today when I picked Q up for school I asked him what they talked about and he said what they were thankful for and he told me he was thankful for fried chicken…it made me laugh…I needed to share!)

I cant add much beyond what my wonderful kids said, so I will leave it there.

US folks, Happy Turkey Day!  Everyone else…Happy Thursday!


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