In All My Free Time….

The stuff I do, when I have free time…

For my pixies… December 18, 2010

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Sorry girls, there are WAY too many pics to share!

Oooooh a box!


Pretty card!


Sweet message!

Ooooh a Lexie Barnes mini!  In one of my favorite patterns! 


Some fun new lotion!

Ooooooooh!  Truffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lip butter!

Some seriously awesome knitted fingerless mitts!

And did you notice…they have opposite colors….seriously awesome!


And the face I got when I wouldnt share!

Thank you so much to my pixie and to the pixie helpers.  You seriously made my month!  I do have a major problem with my gift though…when you eat the truffles, they dont magically replenish themselves!


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