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Babywearing School January 19, 2011

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I just got back from sunny and beautiful Southern California (stayed in Oceanside, but traveled to Costa Mesa daily).  It was sunny…and nice…and the people that live there called 57 “cold”…I was THRILLED to see 5 and 7 in the same forcast and not with 7 being the high!  In fact, one of the days I was there, one of my kids got released 2 hours early from school becuase of snowfall!

Okay so anyway, yes, really Babywearing School.  So this is the conversation that we would have if you were here…

You: What is Babywearing in the first place?

Me: Babywearing is the practice of carrying a baby/child in a sling or carrier on your body.

You: Dont you know how to do that?  I’ve seen the pictures/seen you do it a hundred times. 

Me: Well, this wasnt really for me to learn how to be a babywearer, cause I think I have a pretty good hold on that, but rather so that I can educate and teach others about correct ways to wear.

You: Oh.

Okay, so that was awkward.

So I was there for 4 days, there is no way I can properly smush all of that into a blog.  So what do you need to know?

1.  Proper positioning to make sure that your child is in the optimal position for hip and spinal development.  When in the carrier your child should be in the “spread/squatting” position which many babywearers would also call “froggie”.  When the baby is born their spine is curved (kyphosis) and does not fully straighten out until about 1 year of age.  When putting the child in the carrier, you should make sure that you allow for that natural curve of the spine.  (You: but isnt the “c” position bad?  Me: The “C curve” of the spine is good, the “bad C” is the chin-to-chest  that can cause positional asphyxiation.).  But not only this, putting your baby in the right position, aids in the development of the hip and socket joint.  You can see on their website some more information if you are interested.  

2.  And speaking of positioning you should NEVER EVER EVER put a baby forward facing.  If you see the above statment you would understand that it would be extremely hard to put the baby in the correct position for optimal hip and spine development in the forward facing position.  (2 more reason you shouldnt forward face a baby is because when the baby gets over stimulated they have no where to hide and its really hard on the wearer’s back).  I have a lot more information on this and its easier to speak than type, so if you want to know, Id be happy to go over it in person. 

3. Types of carriers available and how to teach them.  Now this class focused mainly on wraps, which they believe to be the best option for all parent/child combos.  I tend to disagree with this because I think there are plenty of options and that wraps are NOT the only option, especially when dealing with parents who would have chosen something easy to access like a Bjorn.  Going from a Bjorn to a wrap is a possible jump, but not likely. 

4.  And speaking of the Bjorn (or insert your other favorite commercially available big box carrier), I know its “easy to find”, but please dont buy one.  (1) They dont put the baby in the best position for hip and spinal development – see my first point for more info.  (2) It doesnt provide the proper support for parents and then you end up with a backache.  The Bjorn comfort carrier was originally $200 on Amazon but was on sale for $150.  I could spend that  money on 2 other carriers that would be better for both parents and baby!  (Just ask, I promise I will help!)

Plus a TON of other stuff.  I mean it was 4  days, there is no way I can spend that much time typing everything.  But I’m happy to talk to you.  And if you are local, I need to do some consultations to get my certification…so if you are up for volunteering yourself…please let me know!


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