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The Original Mud Run – The Good, The Bad, and The Muddy June 2, 2011

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Back in January, when I was at the Babywearing School Robyn and I got to talking about things that would be good for BabyHawk and we came up with a plan called Team BabyHawk.  Robyn has been working for a long time at getting fit and healthy and her whole family gets involved.  Robyn and Casey (her husband) ran their first triathalon this year and have done many other races.  So we thought…lets extend that, lets get other moms (and dads) to be active…and hopefully THEIR families will follow suit.  One catch to this…I couldnt just do nothing…I had to get involved.  So we looked all over for a race that was close to me and afforded me enough time to train but wasnt too far away.  What we found was The Original Mud Run in Columbus, OH.

I figured…okay, go big or go home.  10 k for a first race?  Sure…why not. Robyn and I signed up, shortly after that, my friends Jill and Rachel signed up and with Rachel came her husband Scott…and eventually Robyn’s friend Angie. 

I’ve always been pretty open about my “non-athletic” status so I needed to do a lot of work to be ready. Literally in January, I would have never run…not even when chased unless it was to get my kid out of the road.  So I started slow.  Run as far as I can and go home.  I think one day it was like 1/2 mile…shameful really.  But with continued training…it got better.  Honestly, I’ve only run about 3 miles continuously…but it felt great. 

So, we trained and ran and did some strength stuff (not enough).  And a couple plane rides and a car ride with 2 toddlers later….we were there!

 Here’s the thing though…we had no idea what we were in for!  In my head (and at least Jills too-which our husbands might say we share the same brain anyway) the run was going to be out in a big open field and it was going to be like run a little, do an obstacle, run a little, do an obstacle.  This was SO NOT what it was! 

It was like going on a bear hunt. Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it…..might as well go through it AND over the river and through the woods all wrapped up into one crazy 6 mile adventure. 

They told us that it would be 22-30 obstacles over the 6 mile course…all in all…we actually did SEVENTY-NINE obstacles.  SEVENTY-NINE.  Rope swing, under the ropes, through the spiders web, over the 16 foot wall, over/unders, leap of faith.  You name it…we DID it!

All in all…I wasnt “in it to win it” I was “in it to finish it”.  And finish it I did.  I didnt finish first…but I also didnt finish last…but I FINISHED.  And we had a heck of a time doing it! So much fun….we decided to do it another!  This time we are going to do the Warrior Dash in Crawfordsville, IN.  This one is ONLY 5k….so we should be good…plus now we have 2 months to train smarter and to train harder.

Want to join us?  COME ON!  We are doing the 10 am wave!  Want to challenge us?  BRING IT ON.


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