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Batten down the hatches folks…. June 22, 2011

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Well, its that time in my life.  The time where everyone starts asking me if I’m “ok” with the “big birthday” I have coming up.  Yep, you heard it.  THIRTY.  THREE followed by a ZERO.  I am going to be 30 in a little less than 24 hours (though I believe my dad would argue I wont REALLY be 30 til 5:17 pm–and I FULLY expect a phone call from him at 5:17 pm that day wishing me happy birthday for probably at least the 2nd time). 

They always say you should never ask a woman her age..its rude.  And I get why its rude, but also…do you understand why I dont personally mind sharing.  (Rude would be saying, oh…I thought you were much older/younger. )  Here’s the thing, I couldnt have the kids I have if I hadnt gone through the life I did.  I love my kids….so yep, I’m okay with it.  Granted I will give you, that had I not had them…had I lived a different life…I wouldnt have known any better.  But…I did and have.  Yes I have a pile of laundry the size of Rhode Island sitting across from me and I when I finally finish folding it and FINALLY lay my head down the baby will magically realize I’m trying to sleep so that I can go get her and wake up with her finger up my nose and her knee in my ribs.  But hey…I cant imagine her and my life without her (and the 2 little boys that will be arguing over who has the most amount of blanket and which episode of silly show to watch).   But gosh…this is my life and I’m just going to live it and not worry about the math behind the day I was born.

What are my big plans?  Nothing.  Maybe grocery shopping or the park.  Hopefully my mom will come over so I can clean out the van in peace.  And hopefully some awesome takeout for dinner.  No big party or shebang.  No drunken escapades to find their way to the facebook scene that I will eventually be totally embarassed by and will eventually regret.  I get why you could be worried about leaving your 20’s….but I spent my 20’s doing exactly what I needed to do…making and raising babies and I plan to spend my 30’s raising some awesome kids.  I have fantastic family and friends and I’m not sure what more I could ask for!


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