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Why I Love Temper Tantrums September 30, 2010

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So Little Miss I’ll-be-15-months-old-next-week has developed the awesome ability to throw temper tantrums.  At this age, I cant help but giggle and take pictures.  Because I know in 15 seconds she will likely be off chasing her brother and she just really can’t tell me what she wants. 

And yes, I do absolutely LOVE this picture of her.  This is the picture that everyone will giggle at when it conviently shows up in her wedding slideshow.  I can’t look at this picture without thinking that I can only imagine that I looked eerily similar to this picture about 28 years ago.  My mom loves to tell the story of how I used to throw temper tantrums with purpose, which included relocating myself to the kitchen where I could kick and bang my head against the floor. 

When do the temper tantrums stop being cute?

At this age! (He’s 5 for the record)

And absolutely at this age (7). 

Its been suggested to me before that when the above (way to old to be throwing temper tantrum) absolutely adorable children are throwing temper tantrums that I go ahead and throw one myself. 

So I did.  And they stopped what they are doing and laughed and whatever they were crying about was a thing of the past.  But can I just say, OH MY GOSH, I had the best time throwing my temper tantrum.  So even though I dont normally agree with the “do whatever negative thing to the kid that they did” (i.e. biting a child who just bit someone else), this one was a ton of fun and it actaully did work. 

But nothing beats the tiny toddler temper tantrum…except maybe a sweet smile and kisses when its all over. 


Road Trips with Kids September 6, 2010

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I have 3 kids, and about 5 times a week I hear “I have no idea how you do everything you do”.  To be honest, I dont either.  But its not because we cant but because I just dont think about how we do everything we do.  The older 2 are both in school (one in 1/2 day kindergarten and one in 2nd grade) and they both play soccer, I work from home, I’m planning (not by myself of course!) an international babywearing conference 2100 miles from where I sit and type this, I have a job outside the home, my husband works overtime many weeks and can often be gone a  good portion of the week…but we do it.

This week, however, I did something I’ve never done…I took a roadtrip 2.5 hrs with the kids ALONE.  Daddy had been gone for work and we werent sure when he would get to come home and so we decided to go spend a night at his hotel (yes I drove 2.5 hrs each way so the kids could basically spend about 3 hrs total with him…his grandma also lives in the area so we got to visit with family as well).  Normally when going to visit I would always bring reinforcements (extra hands for kid wrangling, someone else to drive, etc).  But I figured it would ONLY be 2.5 hours.  Now you are thinking famous last words…right?  Actually, I would have to say that at least for the trip up there…it was pretty great. 

So we went…and I wanted to be prepared…and you should be too…even if you HAVE reinforcements.  My kids didnt turn on the DVD player on the way up…didnt even ask! 


  • FEED THEM!  – I dont know about your house, but my kids are ALWAYS happier when they are fed.  Road trips to my kids mean getting to eat somewhere that we wouldnt normally do (i.e. fast food…usually McDonalds)
  • ALLOW FOR EXTRA TIME – If you arent going somewhere where it doesnt matter when you arrive, please make sure to account for extra stops!  Recently my mother and I went to go visit my Grandma who lives about 6 hours (even with a few quick stops) away…however, it seems that every stop turns into a 45 minute ordeal.  So it took us NINE hours both ways. 
  • BE PREPARED – be ready for spills and accidents.  Make sure you have an extra change of clothes on hand for everyone!  Also I made up busy buckets for the boys.  I had picked up some plastic shower caddys at walmart a few weeks back for $2 and figured I would use them eventually.  I filled them with a notebook (the spiral bound kind you can get cheap when they run back to school sales), colored pencils (they dont melt in the heat!), books, some flash cards fromt he Target $1 section, goldfish, and a capri sun.  I also had one stocked for me up front, wipes, extra treats for the kids, gum, candy for me, extra pacis, and those glow in the dark bracelets (yay Target $1 section).
  • MAKE STOPS – they will probably need to go to the bathroom, for me I want to stop at a place with as clean of a restroom as possible…which usually means somewhere like Starbucks or Sonic because they usually have clean restrooms.  

and possibly the most important…

  • GO WITH THE FLOW – the kids arent used to being in the car for that long, they get bored.  I didnt expect them to be asleep at 8:00 like normal and I let them have a little leeway. 

 Honestly they were really great…I almost wondered if they were my kids.  I hope my tips help someone!

For tips on flying with kids, you can read this post by my friend Kristen.


What not to do while babywearing…

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It is VERY important that when you are babywearing you should always make sure your baby is in the proper position.  Making sure that your baby’s airway is not blocked and that their bottoms are properly support so that you are not hindering their hip and spinal development, but you should never never never never….


ride a motorcycle while babywearing*!


*No babies were harmed during the photographing of this silly picture, the bike was not even on.  Please do not try this at home!


How to fold your other awesome BabyHawk carriers! August 27, 2010

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There were a few requests for this so I am going to smush the Oh SNAP! and the Oh MEI! all together into one .  I know it seems fairly contradictory, but I’m not so crazy about making sure my OS are folded up.  I usually keep both a mt and an os in the van (depending on my mood and what I’m going to do, I want to have options!) the mt is *usually* folded up but the OS is left willy nilly (I try to remember to loop the OS waist over the driver’s seat so its not laying on the floor of the van, but it doesnt always happen.  Calia sits behind me and is rear facing so I dont have to worry about dirty shoes on the OS, if your little one is big enough to be forward facing, you may want to come up with a better system).  BUT I cannot stand when they are just laying in a mess in my closet, so this is how I keep them in the house when they are not in use.  Another benefit to NOT rolling it up every time you get out of the car is when your straps on your OS are in the sweet spot, you arent messing with it. 



So here is the Oh SNAP! laid out on the floor, I suppose you could do it with the pattern in if you were worried about it getting dirty. 


Extend out the webbing so that the strap can comfortable be crosswed without pulling.

Repeat on the other side.

Fold the headrest down.

Then just start rolling.

Til you get to the bottom.


Then use the waist strap to secure it all (I pull  mine nice and tight).

Next is the Oh MEI!  (For those of you who dont know, this was a Facebook special run in early August, it is a hybrid of the mei tai and the Oh SNAP!)

Fold your top straps in half.

And then again (do this on both sides!)

Then fold the straps over onto the headrest.

Roll the headrest over the straps.

Keep rolling till you get to the bottom (see those toes? They may look sweet but they belong to a little terror!)

Secure with the waist strap and voila!  It will look very pretty sitting on your shelf!


So you want to fold up your BabyHawk? August 26, 2010

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I’ve obviously had a biiiiiit of experience doing this.  The way they come folded from the warehouse is nice, but if you put it on the floor of your car, you will still end up with straps EVERYWHERE.  This is the way I fold mine, which keeps everything together (and when you shut your car door you wont have a strap hanging out the door to get wrapped around the wheel…we’ve had customers do this, our sewing…did not rip!) and it really only takes a minute once you do it a couple times. 



Every makeover needs a before picture, so this is a BabyHawk “before”…poor thing…left on the floor….

Fold it in half (dont worry about the straps yet)

Fold the top straps down on to the carrier.

Then continue to accordian fold them so that they lay on the body of the carrier.

Then fold the top of the carrier with the headrest down. 

Then again (you have folded it into thirds)




Now take the waist strap and wrap it AROUND the little package that you made and tuck the end into the straps so that it all stays together nicely. 

If you’ve saved the bag that your BabHawk came in, it also fits nicely BACK into the bag!  Happy keeping your BabyHawk nice and neat and clean!


Zuchinni “Meat”balls August 13, 2010

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Okay, so after the success with my Eggplant Parmesean Sliders I thought I could try another fake out again, because the boys are SO picky.  My friend Sarah mentioned that she didnt like eggplant and I had suggested she try the sliders with zuchinni, I wasnt really feeling the sliders again so instead I thought that meatballs could easily be done with the same general recipe. 


2 decent sized zuchinni

1 cup bread crumbs (you might need more depending on how “wet” the mixture seems)

1/2 cup of parmesean cheese

1 egg


salt & pepper to taste

olive oil

Preheat oven to 350*.  Heat a couple tbsp of olive oil in the skillet with some garlic (i like garlic, so i had a lot). Peel and chop the zuchinni and sautee in the skillet with a little salt and pepper. Then toss in the food processor and process until it is well blended. Mix in the egg, grated parmesean, and bread crumbs and form into balls.  Bake for 20-25 minutes. 

I made whole wheat penne pasta and topped store bought spaghetti sauce (same organic tomato basil that we had with the Eggplant sliders) and I also put buffalo mozzarella on it…cause well, I l ove it.  The boys dont like spaghetti sauce so they had their noodles with butter and parmesean cheese.  We ate all of our meatballs with no complaint!  Another vegetarian meal success!

(And for those of you keeping track, my kids have eaten eggplant, zuchinni, carrots, and squash without knowing it this week!  The carrots and squash were added to the box mac n cheese…thats a tip from my friend Didi…you really cannot tell the difference!)


Eggplant Parmesean Sliders

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This is adapted from what my friend’s son’s speech therapist made at his birthday party. She told me what was in it, but I sort of…ummm…forgot, so I decided to wing it. My kids are PIIIIIICKY eaters, especially the big one…and he thought they were great!



2 decent sized eggplants

1 cup bread crumbs (you might need more depending on how “wet” the mixture seems)

1/2 cup of parmesean cheese

1 egg


salt & pepper to taste

olive oil

cheese (mozzarella or provolone work)

tomato sauce of your choice (mine was meijer organic tomato & basil)

slider buns


Heat a couple tbsp of olive oil in the skillet with some garlic (i like garlic, so i had a lot). Peel and chop the eggplant and sautee in the skillet with a little salt and pepper. Then toss in the food processor and process until it is coarsely chopped. Mix in the egg, grated parmesean, and bread crumbs and form into patties. I then put them back in the same skillet and cooked them like you would any “normal” burger. I put them on slider buns and topped with cheese and a little tomato sauce. It made 7 slider size burgers. I had it with tomato & cucumber salad, it would have also been great with a pasta salad.