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The soccer mom tan… August 13, 2010

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As a rule, I dont tan.  I just dont seem to tan well, I never did.  Sometimes I get burnt to a toasty red crisp that over time does make me look something slightly different than my normal pasty complexion.  I dont fake n bake either because it seems like an even worse plan than laying out (my gym even has really low cost tanning…its not the price…its about lowering my risk of skin cancer).  I’ve considered a spray tan, but I’m not so sure I could get away for long enough to get it done. 

But soccer season poses a new issue, with 4 practices and 2-4 games a week, I find myself constantly soaking up some sun.  And as I was getting dressed this morning, I looked at my arms and I realized that I’ve had this tan before…its a band camp tan.  Ya know, ths one time at band camp…okay really its every day.  The only difference is I have flip flop lines instead of sock lines from wearing tennis shoes.  But on my upper arms I have a few shades of skin depending on what style of shirt I was wearing. 

In high school/band I probably remedied this by wearing the least amount of clothes I was comfortable in/could leave the house in.  You rolled up your shirt to attempt to tan your stomach, but now I have 3 kids to chanse and lets face it, I’m not rolling my shirt up..and I’m okay with my stomach being practically transparent.  So now I need to either buy a bunch of tank tops all the same  to prevent the odd lines or just attempt to keep my sleeves rolled up on the tshirts. 

So if you see me and have a funny tan…a farmer’s tan…its not because I’ve been working hard mowing my lawn (go ahead and laugh, hon) but because I’m on the soccer fields. 

And yes, I still laugh that I am a soccer mom…its okay, you can too.


Cloth Diapers….

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I get asked about this on a fairly regular basis.  Yes, we use cloth diapers.  Sure…go ahead…get it over…call me a hippie.

Now that we are past that, let me start at the beginning.  Our 2nd child (Quinten) who should have been easier than the 1st (ya know, cause it was our second time around the block) made us rethink everything we ever thought we knew about parenting.  But that is probably worthy of its own post.  He had a rash for MONTHS.  We did EVERYTHING, we changed diaper, wipes, diaper creams.  Nothing seemed to work.  Then someone suggested we try cloth diapers…and shocker of all shockers, it cleared up nearly immediately.  The point behind this is that we never really meant to get into cloth diapers, we were perfectly happy wasting our money on disposables!

But we are here now…Quinten is no longer in diapers, but now we have Calia.  When she came around we knew that it was just normal for us to use CDs and I automatically started gathering newborn diapering supplies.  We used disposables in the hospital (our choice…not the hospitals) but actually brought her home in a cloth diaper (I packed 2!).  Since coming home I think we have bought 2 packs of disposables, both for long out of town trips (3+ nights when we’d be staying in a hotel). 

I think we have tried NEARLY every type of diaper.  I prefer one type and my husband prefers another, so we keep both on hand.  The general “type” of diapers are these:

  • Prefolds (these are the ones that you fold and pin-or in my case…snappi) – I have used both Green Mountain Diapers and Little Lions  and have been happy with both.  I like unbleached only because poop stains dont show up.
  • Fitteds – these are an absorbant diaper that is shaped like a diaper and it is either secured with velcro/aplix or snaps.  I was pretty impressed with Thirsties Fab Fitted for a more affordable option, however, Goodmamas seem to be a very popular brand.  Lots of fitteds come in pretty colors and patterns…which doesnt make sense to me because they arent seen! 
  • Covers – These are needed for the 2 above type of diapers.  It is not absorbant and needs a prefold or a fitted.  You could use the other 2 types of diapers.  I like Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (these are my go to awesome for hard every day use covers…as a bonus they have super cute prints!), Thirsties Duo wraps, Gen-Y (fun prints…awesome CS), and Flip (my favorite snapping cover) covers.  You can change the absorbant part (prefold or fitted) and use the same cover for a few changes.
  • Hybrid – These are usually ones that offer a disposable liner with a washable cover.  This does reduce the waste that you are putting out.  Some popular brands are Flip, GroVia, and GDiapers.  All of these brands also offer washable liners as well, I think that sort of puts them in the all in 2 (AI2) category as well. 
  • Pocket Diapers – These are a water proof shell with some sort of insert that you stuff in, these are 1-use (per wash…obviously) items.  They are secured with either velcro/aplix or snaps.  Some popular brands are BumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz, and Knickernappies
  • All in One (AI1) – This one is the easiest because it goes on just like a disposable and it doesnt have to be prepped after washing. 

Still with me?

Okay, so I prefer to use prefolds w/ a snappi and a cover.  Part of it is because its CHEAP.  You could probably get going with cloth diapering and buying everything new for $150 or less.  If you were going to do full on prefolds w/ covers, I would suggest 2 dozen (minimum) prefolds and 6-8 covers (depending on how many times a day your baby poops).  Daddy however prefers the pocket diapers, he likes bum genius the best because they are easy to put on.  For an ideal stash I would suggest 1-2 doz prefolds with covers (maybe 6) and about a dozen pocket diapers.

What else do you need?

Wetbag – this is a PUL lined bag that usually has a zipper and is used for when you are out and need to change a diaper…you dont want to just put a dirty diaper back in your diaper bag!  There are plenty of great options on diaper sites and etsy.

Big wetbag and/or trashcan – this i for home.  I have a big PUL bag that is the size of a regular kitchen trashcan (picked up at target) and it is the diaper pail  and when a diaper is change it goes in there

Cloth wipes are sort of optional…you could use disposable wipes but when you are already washing the diapers, a few wipes isnt a huge deal.  Cheap baby washcloths work and if you can sew, you can make your own!  (You can also buy them!)

Wipe solution – You can buy different types and you can just use water

Diaper Rash Cream – I am not an expert on this, but this site has a nice explanation of what is and what isnt ok. 

Finally…the BIG question.  How the heck do you wash them?!!?!? 

We wash every other day, sort of out of habit more than anything (as opposed to running out of diapers), but I also dont want dirty diapers sitting much longer than that either.  Once you get into a routine, it is not overwhelming AT ALL.  You dont have to use a special diaper detergent, for a long time we were using just All Free & Clear.  However recently we have switched to Rockin Green which while formulated for cloth diapers you can use on your regular clothes!

This is my wash routine:

  • Dump entire contents of diaper pail into washer (if you dont have a liner of some sort, you may wanna spray it out occasionally)
  • Run a cold wash cycle
  • Run a HOT wash cycle with 2 TBSP of Rockin Green (of if using a regular detergent, use 1/2 of the recommended amount)
  • Run an extra rinse
  • Hang the shells/covers on hangers to dry in the living room
  • If its sunny/nice out I sometimes hang the prefolds and inserts out on the clothes line, but I just toss them in the dryer. 

After everything is dry, it usually takes me about 10 mins to stuff the pocket diapers and fold the prefolds to put in the basket. 

Where can you get this stuff?  There are a number of places on line, including a place in Indy.  But I’d have to say about 80% of our diapers have come from Abby’s Lane.  While I’ve never met Stephanie…I have talked to her a few times…she’s always helped…has super fast shipping and I have never been anything but THRILELD with her company. 

I think I have covered everything.  If you have any questions…feel free to ask.


Who doesnt love a baby at 2 am… July 29, 2010

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Now, if you are one of those people who is going to leave a comment and say “my baby slept through the night since 6 days old” I might have to punch you the next time I see you.  Its not that I’m not entirely thrilled for you.  Its just that I dont care…right now at least.  Why you ask, because it is 3:33 am and I have been awak for the last 1 hour and 32 minutes with a very sad and grumpy baby.  She has FOUR teeth coming in and as a result, she is taking naps at funny times, which apparently results in her being wide awak at 2 am.

Nothing is less helpful than a mom who is griping about this or that than another mom who has to one up them.  Oh…your baby has 4 teeth coming in?  My baby got 10 baby teeth at the same exact time.  When a mom is griping, what we need to hear is “Oh I’m so sorry” or “I wish I could help”.  I depend on my “mommy network” a lot for advice and empathy.  Thats why I post on Facebook or Twitter about how I need to find a kindergarten solution for my son or how I am so tired because this or that kid was up sick.  But I guess that sometimes the problem is that the line is blurry, because I do want to hear that you surived whatever similar horror or problem I’m having.  That your child is still okay and that you havent gone to the looney bin or jail.  Now I’m not sure how to differentiate.  A lot of the time, my perception of a response or how I should respond would depend on the person.  I can be hard to read for some people (I guess) and if you dont get my brand of humor, what sounded funny in my head actually seems to be really rude or snotty. 

So what do you do at 2 am when your baby is up and you are the only option for taking care of him/her?  For me its just keeping them as quiet as possible so not to wake other kids (didnt work tonight).  So instead I decided I would take a picture, hence the picture above, which was taken just a little bit ago.  Then I decided that even though I was WAAAAAY behind, I would attempt to blog because this is what was on my mind.  I dont think that a blog (like mine) should be a forced thing and that you should have to work at what to say.  So excuse the blabbering…and thanks for listening to my gripe (and yes I’m thrilled for you that your baby has slept through the night since they were 6 days old…I just dont care to hear about it right now).



Good intentions… June 24, 2010

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So of course I had good intentions of updating weekly. And then one week went by and I thought oh its just one week, I’ll do 2 weeks together.

Obviously, that didnt work! I havent posted in 6 weeks!

So what has happened? (I promise to be brief and not bore you)

Jackson finished 1st grade and turned 7 (that does get its own post!). Jackson of course did fabulous at school! He is a reading machine! He also started summer school and has charmed his teacher to no end. At his 7-year well check, he was 46.5″ and 48.5 lbs and healthy as a horse (per usual).

Quinten is all set up for his early admittance to kindergarten test and that boy keeps us laughing. Due to a job change and needing his shots for kindergarten we’ve already had his 5-year well check and he was 39.5″ and 36.5 lbs. He’s a munchkin anyway so 2 months wouldnt have changed much on his curve. Good news at his check up, we were given the go ahead to take him off his daily nebulizer treatments to see how that goes and he has done FABULOUSLY! Its actually been 3 years since his last true attack so we (his pediatrician included) felt he was ready to be off of his treatments.

Calia – of course with her being a little baby, she’s going to make the biggest changes! She now says “mama” and crawls like a little speed demon. She is mainly interested in whatever her brothers have and gets a kick out what we call “baby fu”, which basically involves her play kicking her brothers as she flies through the air. This ALWAYS makes her laugh. She has also been a few places since the last post. Minnesota for the quilt market (which was annoying because we didnt actually get in because of a stupid “no kid” rule) and then we flew into Salt Lake City to drive up to Rigby, ID for the International Babywearing Conference. She is also working on cruising around everything and wants to walk…my favorite thing to say is “No walking for babies!”. I’m not quite ready for her to be a walking baby.

Larry started a new job and is really liking the new company. He LOVED working at his old job. But they were purchased by another company and we could have relocated but felt it was best for the family to stay here with our family and friends around to help support us. He is really enjoying the new company and as always, I am sure he will succeed. Every time he has been put in a new job, he has always grown so much. He works amazingly and tirelessly hard to provide for the family.

Have I bored you yet?

The biggest event of the last couple weeks was the Toy Story 3 movie coming out. As much as we have watched Toy Story and as into Buzz Lightyear as Q is, its not totally shocking. But we made an event out of it. The kids got new outfits, we went out with our friends (Zoe & Sophie-who also had new outfits, Rylee & Anthony…and oh yah…all of their parents too), we made a DAY of it.

That is probably enough for now! Until next time….


A little something for myself… May 8, 2010

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I am apologizing in advance, this is going to be a quick and dirty post…no photo editing, no long stories…then again…maybe you dont care…

Those of you who know me, know I love to make crafty stuff, but rarely make anything for myself…usually gifts or for the kiddos.  And often times if I do make it for myself it is only mediocre and sometimes there is an epic fail (i.e. a skirt I made last week), so today I am quite thrilled to say that I made something I absolutely adore for myself!

I made it using the tutorial from here that I found on this blog (I LOVE reading the posts by Dana on Made by the way…she is VERY inspirational…lost of fun color and an all around great attitude!).

So if you see me tomorrow, I will be wearing that flower on my jacket!  (And I totally am gonna need some more ribbon later this week!)


These deserve their own post! April 23, 2010

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Back at the end of March we got some pictures taken of their kids, I wanted a few 9 months shots of Calia and some of the kids in their Easter outfits.  I turned to some of my favorite people for a little help…Tony & Amy Monteleone of MA Photography.  If you are in the Indy area, you MUST give them a try!  Not only do they have a mini studio, they also do location pictures too and I’ve seen some awesome ones done at the IMA.  (And when its warmer…maybe birthday pictures…I’m planning on doing some outside pictures of the kids with them.)  Again, I implore you…give him a try!  And now for the goodies….

Hope you enjoyed them!


Weekly Update, 4/11/10 – 4/17/10

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Yah, yah, I’m a little late on this one. 

Jackson – My little man, he really is a sweet kid.  Dramatic at times, but sweet.  He is so much like Daddy that when he does something out of character (they are both creatures of habit) it really shocks me.  Such as this:

That would be his artwork on display at the library!  There were only 6 1st graders picked!  We are so very proud of him.  Also, he got a 100% on his spelling test again!  I also signed him up for summer school this week, he was literally BEGGING to go.  Our district has this awesome (FREE) program where he can go to summer school for 5 weeks in the summer, its Mon-Fri from 8:30-3.  They spend the morning doing educational enrichment and the afternoon doing “fun” stuff like p.e. and music, oh…and they provide breakfast, lunch, and transportation there.  Did I mention its FREE?  He was literally BEGGING to go.  Its worth a shot, if he hates it he doesnt have to go, but knowing him…he will LOVE it.

Quinten – He escaped yet another week without a hair cut.  I keep meaning to cut his hair, just this week at least 4 people called him a girl.  (Which yes, I understand the hair does lend itself to that, but, I think he looks like a boy…he dresses like a boy…anyway.)  One day…one day I will get around to cutting his hair!  He is getting to be more helpful with Calia, he is just sometimes a little too in her face.  Speaking of self portraits…I found this picture on my camera:

Calia- She had a good week!  She’s kind of a funny little thing, she’s all about bothering her brothers and says “da” and “da-ee” all the time.  Still no “mama”, which does make me a little sad, but its okay, she LOVES her daddy…but I know she loves me too.  Some other things that she says all the time are “hi” and “ya-ya” (which can be interpreted as “yay” or Jack will answer her if she says it around him)


Love these pictures of her…she looked like such a big girl!

On Wednesday we all had lunch with Jackson, which is always fun.  I love seeing all the girls that talk to him.  There are a few that are very sweet to him…and then to see his little brother and sister…after that I’m pretty sure they are totally smitten.  But how can you resist something this sweet:

We also spent some time with Aunt Angie (aka Aunt Bob) and we were sad to see her go back home to Florida.  We miss you!  Come back and visit soon!